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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a passionate paddler. On numerous tours I was able to learn and deepen the necessary skills relating to canoeing and life in the Wildins.

It doesn't always have to be solo in the wilderness of Northern Canada & Alaska; There are also rivers on our continent that can still give you the feeling of freedom. And all this without any expedition planning or experience...

We will be traveling on the Allier and/or Loire in 2024. In the style of a “real” wilderness tour, we dedicate ourselves to everything that goes with it; from eating (always a highlight with cast iron pots etc. in the canoe) to reading tracks to simple paddling maneuvers.

If you have any questions you can contact mehere via email or simply viaTel...

I'm leading the 2024 tour with Mike from "Oase Survival". He is also an enthusiastic paddler and enjoys being able to take luggage with him in the canoe ;-)


The tour will take place in 2024 between September 7th - September 14th (week 37)

The costs will be around CHF 1,100-1,300.


Photo 1+3 AK / Photo 2 Helene Wieland / Photo 4 Suse Heinz

Impressions from past tours:

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