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Large Canoe-Pack

Here's another Canoe-Pack; and this time, it's "the real thing"! A sturdy pack, designed for longer (and harder) trips. It's heavy, water & fire-repellent canvas, solid brass hardware, and beautiful, genuine swiss veg-tanned magnolia bridle leather!

The Pack's all handmade in Switzerland and stitched on a trusted 80+ old Singer Saddler Sewing Machine. All Borders are rolled twice before sewn together ( w. Double Line Stitching), and all leather-edges are rounded and hand-finished/sealed!

You'll have up to about 90l (!) of space to store everything; from clothes to kitchen supplies and food.

The shoulder straps are cut extra wide, so it's very comfortable even if heavy loaded. If desired, a thumpline can be added for extra support...

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